Other Independent Authors

Michael N. Wiggins, MD

MN Wiggins is a multi-genre, internationally-selling author, surgeon, and musician from small-town America. He fell in love with teaching Optics while a faculty member at Arkansas and, at the request of his students, wrote two editions of Clinical Optics Made Easy, followed by a series of YouTube lectures training Ophthalmology residents in multiple countries.

Detouring from his medical publications, Dr. Wiggins turned to creative writing, first with Magical Arkansas Tales, a collection of short stories co-written with his son, followed by novels in the Arkansas Traveler series: The Sugarfield Sugar Cookie: Sweet Southern Drama and Letters of the Arkansas Traveler: Lost in Time.

His most recent short story, Happy Birthday, Dr. Napier, has appeared in the 2023 Summer/Fall issue of Medicine and Meaning.